17 September 2015

Have you Discovered Your Roots?

We have been enjoying and learning so much from Dr. Colletta's Discovering Your Roots Genealogy Course these past months, and we have a few more sessions to go.

Both experienced genealogists and those new to genealogy have learned and gained valuable information from these video presentations.   As the sessions progress, we have heard the developing stories of several families in Mr. Colletta's tree, as that story correlates to the lesson being taught.  So each new class is like a continuing story as well as being full of tips, methods, and loads of places, sites, and ways to find the information you are searching for.  Have I mentioned the printed session notes that are included with each video?  There is no need to take notes or remember websites.  These notes are so complete, you can sit back and enjoy the lecture, following along, and simply underline a particular point if you feel the need.

There are three sessions left - won't you join us?

September 27th
October 11th
October 25th
Sarah McArdle Room, Fresno Central Library
2:00 p.m.

If you've missed the previous sessions, the videos are available for you to watch in the Heritage Center.  All of the session notes are available for you as well!

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