23 July 2010

Two-Day Event October 15th & 16th

The California State Genealogical Alliance will join FCGS in Fresno for the following:

Research Day, Friday October 15th: CSGA open Board meeting at 10 a.m., Sarah McCardle Room, Fresno County Central Library, 2420 Mariposa Street; followed by research in the CA History & Genealogy Room. Everyone is invited to the meeting and to do Research 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Researchers may bring a sack lunch.

Genealogy Seminar, Saturday October 16th: FCGS will hold their 7th Annual Genealogy Seminar at Woodward Park Regional Library at 944 East Perrin Avenue 9 - 4. CSGA board members will be speakers: Cat Nielsen on "Spreadsheets in Genealogy"; Cath Madden Trindle, CG on "Wills, Estates, Guardianships, & Commitments," and "California Online & Off"; and Alice Colby Volkert on "Digital Photography for Genealogy."
For more information and registration information see the FCGS website:

21 June 2010

Jamboree Buzz #5

Things That I Loved About the SCGS Jamboree
Membership to SCGS allowed me an all-access-pass to the SCGS Library in Burbank. Spent 3 days before the Jamboree in their library having fun!!!
Attended 14 1-hour sessions over 3 days. What a variety of topics.
Attended 2 evening meals with interesting keynote speakers. Met 2 tables full of interesting fellow genealogists each with a different, yet similar story to tell.
Volunteered to help monitor 2 sessions, thereby ensuring that I could attend a couple that I really had my eyes on. I got to introduce and chat with Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective.
Enjoyed several sessions presented by Megan Smolenyak-Smolenyak. She really knows how to stir up the detective juices in her audience members!
Attended sessions to see the latest updates on Family Tree Maker and Ancestry.com. I was able to talk directly to their representatives about some of my frustrations with the same.
Trade floor that has the latest and greatest in Genealogical resources. Purchased software to help me organize and quickly retrieve my photographs.
Things That I Hate About the SCGS Jamboree
Coming home with renewed spirit, new "toys", new research materials, and additional ideas about breaking down some of those brick walls, but . . . . having to go back to a full-time job that prevents me from playing 24 hours a day!!!!!!!!!

19 June 2010

Jamboree Buzz # 4

I Learned that while I enjoy working with Legacy and some of its cool features, I still really LOVE ROOTS MAGIC.

I learned that you can find amazing things in old newspapers. Try searching for "Infomation Wanted" in papers between 1870-1930 and find people looking for lost family members or old friends.

To get around the "burnt Courthouse" especially in the south, use Tax records and Land records copies of which were usually sent to the state.

If you aren't watching or listening to genealogy podcasts you are really missing out!

DNA research and genealogy are getting ready to make some big leaps forward.

What better way is there to spend a weekend, learning new things about genealogy with some really good friends!

Hope to see you there next year!!!!!


Jamboree Buzz #3

The things I enjoyed about the conference:
1. The top thing was my room mate. She made the conference very enjoyable.
2. I liked hearing about records specific to a state-Indiana & Pennsylvania.
3. Mr. Humphrey the speaker from Pennsylvania was very knowledgeable. I plan on hiring him to work on my German-Pa line when I get my paper work up to snuff.
4. The opportunity to increase my understanding of various software and its usage was a positive.
5.. The conference prices by the vendors were tempting. I would have liked to see a wider variety of merchandise among the vendors. Not all the book sellers however, had reasonable prices on their used books.
6.. The syllabus is a great help now that we are back from the conference. Especially concerning in regard to the web sites.
Will I go again. YES because each year has different pluses.


Jamboree Buzz # 2

Top 5 Jamboree Moments

1. Being inspired by Megan Smolenyak’s fantastic genealogical sleuthing stories
2. Learning how to overlay maps & photos in Google Earth
3. Hearing how “Super Bloggers” use their sites to share genealogical information
4. Networking with new friends and spending time with old friends
5. Eagerly looking at genealogy books and products in the Exhibit Hall

I had a good time!

17 June 2010

Jamboree Buzz #1

Having attended conferences of various kinds for the last 35+ years, I always tell myself that if I can come away from the conference with one or two good tips, I will be satisfied with the opportunity. The first thing I did when I arrived Friday was to head to the Exhibitor's area, to check it out, while I waited for my first session. One of my first encounters came when I approached the New England Historical and Genealogical Society's booth.

I wasn't prepared for the conversation I had with John "What's His Name", from "Who Do You Think You Are," who assisted Sarah Jessica Parker to find out about some of her ancestors. We didn't discuss that, but got into a conversation about my family legend. John took a breath and told me exactly where I might garner the information I needed to break that proverbial "brick wall." I was amazed and thrilled as he told me the name of a publication I had never heard of, the year, and name of the article that would prove my theory and the family legend. Just a chance happening at Jamboree and I eliminated a brick wall I have been working on for years. I can't wait to share it with my extended family.

Jamboree installs a huge tent in the parking lot of the Marriott which they call the "Pavillion," to accommodate a large group. FamilySearch had a session held in the Pavillion on what's new on their site, and I was amazed at the progress they have made on the web site. I believe, generally, I visit the site at least once a week, but had not had the opportunity in the last months. They reviewed time-tested, traditional research methods along with the excitement of what's new on the site. If you haven't visited the site in a few weeks, you, too, will be surprised at all the changes.

Listening to Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak was the highlight of the Jamboree for me. She is a delightful speaker and her stories of research are rich and rewarding. Her preference for researching is focused on little known individuals like the ship "Monitor's" retrieval after years of underwater searching. I won't even try to explain the research as she did, embellished with her style of relating the story. Each of her stories was fascinating, and I reviewed her presentation on the trip back to Fresno.

Next year, I'm heading for the speakers in the Pavillion. There's a reason they require such a large venue for certain speakers and presentations. They are teriffic.

I was energized,excited and eager to get working to apply the skills and tips that I learned throughout the weekend. The aura has been described as "Jamboree Buzz," and if you haven't experienced it for yourself you be sure to set aside the dates for the "2011 Jamboree." The frosting on the cake was being able to enjoy some of the sessions with two of my genealogy buddies. Thanks, ladies. Let's do it again next year!


16 June 2010

Jamboree Buzz

Well, I and some others just got back from the SCGS Jamboree and let me tell you it was FUN!!!
I highly recommend it! We will have a couple blog posts here in the next few days telling you all about what we learned and what we did.

I personally made it to 12 sessions and I don't think my brain could hold much more!

We hope you make plans to go next year. It was a lot of fun!

02 June 2010

Family History Day at the California State Archives

We just received word about a fun event in October! Be sure to check out their blog!

Family History Day at the California State Archives will be held on Saturday, October 9, 2010 at the California State Archives, 1020 "O" Street, Downtown Sacramento from 8:30am to 4pm. Mark your calendars now for this all-day FREE event!

Volunteers in period clothing will greet and mingle with attendees at throughout the day. This fun and informative day will include over twenty classes for the beginner to the experienced researcher on internet resources and specialized research topics; classes in the Preservation Lab to see how to preserve family papers; research in the Root Cellar Genealogy Library; and tours of the Archives to learn about the historical documents held there. Genealogical, historical & lineage societies, research libraries & archives will be on-hand with displays and information.

New this year is a Blog devoted to Family History Day 2010. The Blog will serve as one of the communication tools used to keep interested participants and attendees up-to-date on the day's activities such as profiles on the speakers and class topics as commitments are finalized. The website for the Blog is http://fhd2010.blogspot.com/.

26 May 2010

FCGS Meeting June 8th-- DNA & You!

DNA & You!!
Speaker Nadir J. Bakar, MD
Nad will cover everything from the basics to
how to get your dna tested, and everything in between...
Join us at
6:30 PM for refreshments and
7:00 PM for the program
in the
Sarah McCardle Room
Fresno County Central Library
2420 Mariposa Street
Fresno, CA
for more info call the library 488-6720

05 May 2010

Indian Genealogy- Don't forget May 11th

The May 11th Meeting of the FCGS Society will feature:


by Corrinne Buttram

She is an accomplished researcher of her native Mono tribe and has helped many others from the valley get started tracing their native roots.

There will be 6 displays featured
Sherman Indian Institute, Riverside, CA
Local Indians in WW1 & WW2Indian articles
Indian Allotment Land Records and Heirship Records
Vital Records
North Fork Presbyterian Mission
Prison Records

As always you can come at 6 pm to ask Carol questions at the Genealogy Help Table
6:30 refreshments
7:00 Meeting and Program

more info http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cafcgs/

Merced Meeting

Merced County Genealogical Society

Your Cordially Invited To Attend Our May 15, 2010 Meeting.

Hispanic Genealogy Through Mexico to Spain

Presented by: Jose Carlos de Leon From Modesto, Jose Carlos de Leon has been doing genealogy research for 12 years and has traced and documented 20 generations of his father's ancestors in Mexico and Spain, learning the secrets and methods of experts.

Please join us. All are welcome. No registration or fees to attend.

Saturday, May 15, 2010, 1:00 p.m.

Merced County Library, Gracey Room 2100 O Street, Merced, CA

23 April 2010

American Military Records and Genealogy

Fresno Temple District Family History Centers
American Military Records and Genealogy
by: David Paul Davenport, Ph.D
Saturday May 15, 2010
9:00 am to 12 pm
Fresno West Stake Center
3375 W Sierra, Fresno, CA
Session 1: Working from the present day, backward : an overview of wars the US and British Colonies (which preceeded it) participated.
Session 2: Enlistment & Recruitment in the 20th century (part. Spanish-American War)
Session 3: Army & Navy in the 18th & 19th centuries. (part. Civil War, War of 1812 & War for Independence.)

Indian Genealogy-- Don't Forget Tues May 11th!!

The May 11th Meeting of the FCGS Society will feature:


by Corrinne Buttram

She is an accomplished researcher of her native Mono tribe and has helped many others from the valley get started tracing their native roots.

There will be 6 displays featured

  • Sherman Indian Institute, Riverside, CA
  • Local Indians in WW1 & WW2Indian articles
  • Indian Allotment Land Records and Heirship Records
  • Vital Records
  • North Fork Presbyterian Mission
  • Prison Records

As always you can come at 6 pm to ask Carol questions at the Genealogy Help Table

6:30 is refreshments

7:00 is Meeting and Program

more info http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cafcgs/


MAY 1st 2010

Hosted by the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia-Central CA Chapter

WHERE: Twilight Haven Memorial Hall 1717 South Winery Ave. Fresno

REGISTRATION is $15 from 8 to 9 am

Continental Breakfast ans Lunch $15

Speakers on Genealogy & Life in Russia
Botique, Raffle and German Singing, Genealogy Material and Help with family research

Dinner-$20 at 5:15 pm

PHONE: 559-229-8287 for more information

Speakers and topics to include:

Eleanor Sissell- "Krum Korners"

Irma Eichkorn- "Schulmeister", Schoolmaster, "Kuester", Sexton: The Hero of a Volga-German Epic

Brent Mai- Volge German Relief Society

Bob Givens- DNA- the genealogist newest tool

Alan Peters- The story of the Mennonites "TheirLong Journey from Central Europe to Russia and the West"

Judy Frothinger- Writing our Family Stories


There is Bus Trip to Sturo and the San Bruno Archives June 7, 2010 this is a Monday.

The cost is $45. Due by May 10th. (If they don't get enough people they'll have to cancel)

The bus will leave promptly at 6:30 am from the southeast corner of the Fashion Fair parking lot
and return about 10 pm.
Stops will be made on way up and back.

There is limited food access at both locations so it is suggested that a lunch be brought along.

For a reservation: Shoot me an email with your interest and I'll let you know who to contact.

This is a great trip!

Southern CA Jamboree

The FCGS is trying to get a group together to go to the Jamboree in Burbank, June 11-13th. There are well known speakers, vendors, etc.
It is a lot of fun and you can learn a whole lot in a short amount of time!

If your not sure what a Jamboree is check out their blog.

Let us know if you are interested in going. Shoot me an email.

We are planning to take the train down Friday morning and come back Sunday afternoon.

04 April 2010

Genealogy Society Meeting

Tuesday Night, April 13th at 6:30 pm

Fresno County Genealogical Society meeting will be held at the Sarah McCardle room at the downtown library.

The topic is:
Finding Gold in Probate Records
"The Case of Thomas Metts"

by Ruth Lang, C.G.

The event is FREE and open to all hope to see you there!


There are a lot of genealogy Happenings around Fresno!! If you know of something let us know so we can spread the word! Keep checking back for more info on events around Fresno and the valley!

Don't miss out on the California History & Genealogy Room at the Downtown branch of the Fresno County Public Library.

It has over 19,000 books to help you in your genealogy search as well as, microfilm and internet access.

Open M,T,W, F 10 am to 6 pm. Th- 10 am to 8 pm, Sat 9 am to 6 pm and Sun 1-6 pm.

Genealogy volunteers are available to help!