19 September 2015

Genealogy for the Holidays

The topic for our September General meeting was Genealogy for the Holidays: Making lasting gifts with items from your family tree.  We had such a good time and there were so many great ideas, I thought I would share a few of them here.

In no particular order, some with links and some without, here's a few ideas to spark your genealogy creativity -
A lovely, simple embroidered family tree:

 If you have a history of military service in your family, this is a beautiful way to document and honor your family members and ancestors:

Love this photo idea - Can be photographed in reverse too - youngest to oldest:

Turn a favorite memory into a puzzle for a unique display:

Have you thought of a frame holding photos of only your great-grandmothers?
What a great idea!

Make those treasured photos into gift tags and add sweet memories to each gift! 
Print or copy photos onto cardstock (do not use originals!!) then craft away:

Beautiful photo idea:

This one is professionally made, but if you or a family member has some Photoshop skills . . .

A pictorial family tree, great as a gift for parents or grandparents, 
and a wonderful display for a family celebration :

A sweet shadow box:

A mixed collage of great-grandparents
which includes a few of their personal items.
A really lovely remembrance:

Pen and Ink family tree :

Vintage photo ornaments with scrapbook corners,
again, be sure to copy or print your photos onto paper:

Transfer photos onto wood - genius! 
This is a great little video - 
(Make sure to use a photographic copy, not the original!):

Another great idea for making family photos into ornaments!
Great instructions: 

Photo blocks:

a Family History Game,
Very thorough instructions and ideas to create your own!:

Transfer photo onto fabric and then embellish with embroidery:

Enlarge an old letter or postcard for a vintage display in your home:

Photographic Family Tree going back in time -
Another thoughtful gift or celebration display:

Male Family Line:

Cute idea- a magnetic family tree for little ones!
Can they match the pictures to the right place in the tree?
Can you?

And finally, the stunning tree that is now on my crafting wish list . . . . 

The background is a Plat Map from the area the family lived in:

Punched leaves with family members names ;

Ancestors are the roots and descendants are the leaves.
Just Beautiful.

Are you inspired?

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