21 June 2010

Jamboree Buzz #5

Things That I Loved About the SCGS Jamboree
Membership to SCGS allowed me an all-access-pass to the SCGS Library in Burbank. Spent 3 days before the Jamboree in their library having fun!!!
Attended 14 1-hour sessions over 3 days. What a variety of topics.
Attended 2 evening meals with interesting keynote speakers. Met 2 tables full of interesting fellow genealogists each with a different, yet similar story to tell.
Volunteered to help monitor 2 sessions, thereby ensuring that I could attend a couple that I really had my eyes on. I got to introduce and chat with Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective.
Enjoyed several sessions presented by Megan Smolenyak-Smolenyak. She really knows how to stir up the detective juices in her audience members!
Attended sessions to see the latest updates on Family Tree Maker and Ancestry.com. I was able to talk directly to their representatives about some of my frustrations with the same.
Trade floor that has the latest and greatest in Genealogical resources. Purchased software to help me organize and quickly retrieve my photographs.
Things That I Hate About the SCGS Jamboree
Coming home with renewed spirit, new "toys", new research materials, and additional ideas about breaking down some of those brick walls, but . . . . having to go back to a full-time job that prevents me from playing 24 hours a day!!!!!!!!!

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