19 June 2010

Jamboree Buzz #3

The things I enjoyed about the conference:
1. The top thing was my room mate. She made the conference very enjoyable.
2. I liked hearing about records specific to a state-Indiana & Pennsylvania.
3. Mr. Humphrey the speaker from Pennsylvania was very knowledgeable. I plan on hiring him to work on my German-Pa line when I get my paper work up to snuff.
4. The opportunity to increase my understanding of various software and its usage was a positive.
5.. The conference prices by the vendors were tempting. I would have liked to see a wider variety of merchandise among the vendors. Not all the book sellers however, had reasonable prices on their used books.
6.. The syllabus is a great help now that we are back from the conference. Especially concerning in regard to the web sites.
Will I go again. YES because each year has different pluses.


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